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Purchase options

Prepaid packages
Pay as you go

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Extra features such as SMS authentification are available for purchase directly from your Account.

Security features

Tasks limits

Development support

HTTPS SSL Secure Upload (SHA256) 100 files per Task 24h Email Support
IP and Domain filtering 1 GB per Task Analytics and Console Panel
Advanced File Encryption 1 hour file storage Integration with Google Analytics

Security features

HTTPS SSL Secure Upload (SHA256)
IP and Domain filtering
Advanced file Encryption

Tasks limits

100 files per Task
1 GB per Task
1 hour file storage

Development support

24h Email Support
Analytics and Console Panel
Integration with Google Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team answers these questions almost daily


What's the difference between Subscription and Prepaid packages?

Prepaid packages are one-time payments which provide you with file processing credit. The file credit does not expire, so you can process the purchased number of files whenever you like. This gives you maximum flexibility with your file processing.

Subscription plans provide you with a fixed amount of file processing credit every month. Keep note that unused file processing credit will expire at the end of the month. You can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription with a 20% discount.

Which purchase option should I choose?

This depends on your needs. If you more-or-less know how many files per month you are likely to process, then the Subscription Plan is your best choice, considering the reduced costs. Take note that files expire at the end of the monthly period.

Alternatively, if you need to process a batch of files only once from time to time, our Prepaid Package would be the way to go.

Either way, you can combine Subscriptions with Prepaid packages if necessary to process more files than the amount you are currently subscribed for. We will first deduct the number of Subscription files, then carry on to using the file processing credit from your current prepaid package.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. To see if iLoveIMG’s API is the right fit for you, we let you process your first 250 monthly files for free.


Can you guarantee uptime?

iLoveIMG’s API guarantees over 99.95% uptime. If one of our servers ever experiences an issue, it takes a matter of seconds for our system to connect with one of our backup servers.

How safe are my data transfers?

iLoveIMG’s API uses bank grade encryption algorithms and end-to-end encryption for all users. This means your data is processed in the safest way possible.

All uploads use https/SSL and include our end-to-end encryption for further privacy. These additional steps increase security and satisfy most corporate data privacy policies.

What happens when files can’t be processed?

Only successfully processed files are counted and deducted from your credit. If you are subscribed in a monthly plan and you also have purchased a Prepaid package, the files will be always deducted first from your monthly plan credit.

What happens when I reach my file processing limit?

Once you have used 85% of your file credit , we'll notify you via email so that you can upgrade your Subscription or buy a Prepaid package in time.

Can I get support?

We work to offer all support resources available online. You have access to updated website libraries, documentation and guides. Additionally, if you have any issues regarding the API or payments, you can contact us, and our dedicated Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you invoice me?

Yes.Tax Invoicing is available for both Subscription and Pre-paid package plans. All prices are VAT included.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can read all about our Terms and Conditions here.